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July 05, 2015

A different day, a different kimono. I guess you could say they are my thing. This kimono has a a really cool pattern and is a maroonish colour. I really love the frills as they add a bohemian feel and they are really entertaining.

I wore all black under my kimono because I guess that is also my thing. I would also advise it if you want to experiment with patterns but mixing patterns can be cool too.

One thing I tried out in this outfit is the hat and I like it. I'm not entirely sure what type of hat but it is a pretty awesome hat. Hats are fantastic for hiding a bad hair which I definitely didn't have because my sister braided my hair into a mowhawk.

As I stated in my previous post thigh high socks are pretty cool and naturally I had to wear them. The best part about these socks are that they have different coloured spots. Which makes them pretty special, almost like a little galaxy.

And the jelly shoes and the choker? I wear those almost all the time.

Top- Cotton On
Skirt- Pick 'n Pay Clothing
Kimono- Factorie
Socks- Cotton On
Shoes- Cotton On
Backpack - Factorie
Choker- Lovisa

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  1. I love your outfit! I love your hair! Oh my god and your socks. This whole ensemble, I really want a kimono but I know I would rarely wear it but you are just rocking this entire outfit. Also, I can't tell if you're wearing foundation or not but if you are what foundation is it, because you're skin looks so healthy!x

    1. Thank you so much! I adore kimonos and no I am not wearing any foundation.

  2. That hat really suits you. I love these photos, you look lovely :)

    Edie x