Tantalize by Revelon Review♡

June 12, 2015

I love trying out new perfumes and experimenting with different fragrances. After hours of walking around the mall searching for the perfect scent I finally decided to pick up Tantalize by Revelon. 

The bottle is simple yet intriguing, it resembles a precious gem. The bottle is slim and a roundish shape. Red in colour, it screams dangerous and exotic. Enough about the bottle, it is what's inside that matters after all. 

What made this scent stand out from the rest? It is feminine and delicate. It is a mix of a sweet, floral scent with a bit of something electrifying. It is addictive, you just can't get enough, it is tantalising. 

The fragrance is longlasting although not as long as I would have liked, I do assure you that a single spray will take you a long way. It is rather affordable for its value, I got it for R295, which makes it a must have

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