Mini haul♡

June 03, 2015

I have been so busy recently. I have written four exams, I am working on my new Youtube channel and I am also working on something else which I will announce soon. This weekend I decided to ease the pre exam stress by doing a fun run and a little shopping. 

I thought I'd share my items with you in a mini haul. 
I purchased another U-tube skirt. A U-tube skirt for a Youtuber. I just fell in love with the print and it was the only one that was my size. I guess it was a match made in heaven. 
"One cannot have too many U-tube skirts. "-Tshegofatso Maseko

I bought the halter top from Jay Jays, I have so many plans for it. I know the clothing I bought isn't very warm for the upcoming winter but they were on sale so I guess I'm the real winner.

It is the first I've purchased this perfume, it is Tantalize by Revelon. It smells amazing and I will be posting a review soon.

Chasing hope is a Christian novel which I bought from Cum books. I read the synopsis and I was immediately intrigued and yes I will be posting a review once I've read it. 

Temporary tattoos used to be my life when I was younger. I feel as though I just took a step back into the past. The memories. The person who brought these back deserves an award. 

This message also applies to the person who brought chokers back. I was probably just a toddler when they were in style but I get to experience them too. The crystal necklace was actually the first item I bought in this mini but since it's my favourite I thought I'd save it for last. I pretty sure it's going to be a part of me from now onwards.  

The chocker, necklace and temporary tattoos are all from Lovisa. I will also be doing a review on the temporary tattos so be prepared. I've got plenty of posts lined up so don't go anywhere! 

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