Winter Essentials♡

May 21, 2015

It seems like all my recent posts begin with something about winter and let me warn you it’s not going to stop anytime soon. As you probably guessed from the title this post is no different.

It is cold, blah, blah, blah we have already established this but now it is time to come up with a game plan. How do we survive yet another winter? Unfortunately,  hibernating is not an option.

Beanies :
Dear whoever who invented these, thank you! This is a great way to keep your ears warm and to cover a bad hair day. Hitting two birds with one stone. 
* Tip of the day : throw seeds at birds not stones. *

I am quite sure coats are the reason winter was invented. With a thick, versatile coat you are guaranteed to combat the cold. 

I know mom, you told me so. There is nothing better than a sweater connected to a mini scarf. Too bad I viewed it as a strangling device when I was younger, now that I am a wise sixteen year old I understand. 

Stalkings :
As some people like to say ' A South African winter is not so winter. ' Which means that on some days a pair of stalkings with your favourite summer outfit will do the trick. 

Everyone needs a pair of boots for the winter. Even though you don't want a pair, I promise you, you probably do. There are so many different types to choose from which makes them the ultimate survival item. 

Scarves and ponchos :
I was never a huge fan of these but my friend winter changed my mind. 

Day in kit :
Last and definitely not least. As an avid reader, coffee drinker and movie watcher, a cup of coffee and a blanky always help me survive a chilly day in and a onesie is the perfect outfit. 

Now that we've got what we need winter, come at us bruh (but take your time ). 

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