DIY Scented Candle

April 10, 2015

Confession time! I am an avid candle collector. You are probably aware of that by now because I don't even try to hide it. Sitting in my room and reading while burning a sweet smelling candle is probably my favourite thing to do.

I am a huge fan of Yankee candles. I sometimes walk into the store just to take a whiff of those yummy smelling candles. Walking through the isles and inhaling those aromas is intoxicating. Ranging from vanilla to berry and my favourite, expresso. I sometimes find myself drooling over candles.

The problem is that good candles don't come cheap,  that is why I decided to make my own. I didn't have to spend a cent since we already had all the necessities for the DIY in the house and you probably have most of them too. 

What you'll need:
 1. Fabric softener (I love how it smells! )
 2. A container
 3. Cheap candle
 4. A knife 
 5. A cup
 6. A pot
 7. Stove
Step 1:
Cut up the candle into pieces that can fit into your pot. Make sure to keep the candle wick or get yourself a cotton string.

Step 2:
Place your candle pieces in the pot and turn up the heat on the stove.

Step 3:
Wait until the wax is completely liquefied

Step 4: 
Pour some fabric softener into the pot. I used half a cap for one candle

Step 5: 
Remove the pot from the hot stove. Wait a few minutes before pouring the contents into your cup. You might need an extra pair of hands for this as holding the string and pouring the wax at once may get tricky.

Step 6:
Once the string is stable place your candle in the fridge for approximately 3 hours.

Step 7:
Light it up!

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