Sweater Weather ♡

March 25, 2015

Winter is still a safe distance away, I’m not complaining but soon enough it will be at our doorsteps. That day when you open the door, ready to seize the day but the winter haze fills the air and throwing on a jacket just won’t be enough.  

You know that day is coming and we’ve got to be prepared. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? What we need to combat this weather is an oversized sweater. Luckily for me I discovered one in my mother’s closet. Didn’t I tell you that place is a treasure chest filled with forgotten jewels? 

Back to oversized sweaters. They have been overflowing on runways and now it’s time to put the spotlight on them everywhere else. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with their clothing and put on a wearable hug?

 The go to sweater colours are neutrals and pastels and the secret in wearing an oversized sweater is to ensure that it doesn’t look like it’s wearing you. Tuck in a portion of your sweater or roll up the sleeves, you don’t want to end up drowning in it. Now go out there and get yourself a chunky knit and don’t forget to supersize it.

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