GOSH DNA 4 Review♡

March 14, 2015

If it is a soft and assertive fragrance you're looking for,  the GOSH DNA 4 is exactly what you need. It is part of the DNA collection  which consists of four fragrances for men and four for women. GOSH DNA 4 is packaged in a pink box with an image of a finger print.

Inside the box is the simple bottle with a golden lid, again there's an image of a finger print.  
The scent however,  screams anything but simple. It is feminine,  fruity and sweet smelling and overall intoxicating. A combination suitable for a Disney Princess. The shape  and size of the bottle make it great to keep in your handbag. The fragrance is longlasting, take a whiff about 5 hours later and you can still catch the fruitiness.  

Luckily for me, the perfume was on sale when I bought it but it is fairly inexpensive. Longlasting fragrance, a beautiful design and an affordable price.  GOSH DNA 4 definitely gets an A from me.

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