Whatever floats your tote

January 11, 2015

In life we are always discovering new things whether it's about people, our surroundings or maybe, just maybe we may have a bit too many tote bags.  Which is something I recently noticed. I don't how, why or when it happened. It started with one and before I knew it was one too many. Maybe it's because they're totes amazing? 

I could sit all day writing reams why totes are almost as cool as backpacks but I decided to compile a list instead.

Why the tote way is the right way:

1. From strore brands to designer totes, you decide how much you want to pay.

2. Different types for different people. With so many designs to choose it is quite easy to find one to match your outfit. 

3. Not sure what to take with you for the day? Why not just take it all? You have enough space. 

4. With no pockets or dividers totes give you an excuse to keep a messy bag. If you're not too fond of clutter a bag organiser can easily come to the rescue. 

5. Books? Clothes? Groceries? Carry whatever you want these babies are versatile. 

My tote collection:
Yes, prepare yourself  for another list.

1. Cotton On Body - Cotton On Foundation
2. Factorie
3. Factorie - Planet Factorie Foundation
4. Cotton On - Cotton On Foundation
5. Factorie - Planet Factorie Foundation
6. Factorie
7. Factorie

I didn't choose the tote life the tote life chose me.

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