Christmas eve ☆

December 24, 2014

Christmas eve also known as five to Christmas according to my sister or Louis Tomlinson's birthday as I'd like to call it. The malls are buzzing with customers doing last minute Christmas shopping,  Christmas movies are playing on television and families are coming together.  The Christmas spirit is officially in the air, if you haven't felt it yet I hope someone comes along and slaps you with some Christmas cheer because it's the time to be jolly.

What does Christmas mean to me?

December 25 to me is the day when my family and I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We exchange gifts, enjoy good food together and simply have a wonderful time as a family.  For the past few years of my life my dad would always tell me that if I woke up early enough I catch the sun dancing.  After 15 years of existence I am still to witness this, hopefully tomorrow will be my lucky day.

My plans for Christmas 2015 :

I plan to wake up at 4 am to the sight of the sun dancing but don't worry too much I won't keep my hopes high.  Christmas will be spent doing what we usually do (exchange gifts, go to church, have lunch and dinner together and have a super awesome day) just in a smaller group of just my parents,  my sister,  my cousin,  our dog Fiona of course and I. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. How do you celebrate Christmas?

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