Oh, hi November♥

November 01, 2014

Hey everyone!  

It definitely went from January to November real quick. I'm still not sure how to feel because November means one month left of school but it also means exams.    

Moving on, I haven't done an outfit post since like forever so here you go.  I  absolutely love my jelly shoes! I got them on sale at Cotton On, 3 pairs for R100, which was definitely a bargain. They were basically just giving them away (I'm not complaining).  

I got the skirt at Pick 'n Pay Clothing where I hardly ever go in. It was a two piece set but I wasn't feeling it so I decided to just get the skirt. The skirt is waisted and is a thickish material which I like. I got the crop top a while back at Mr Price,  it was also a two piece set and I was feeling it either.  

My backpack is from Factorie and it is my favouritest(kinda made up my own word) thing in the whole world.  I take it everywhere with me and it matches with most of my outfits. Yass

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