Aura product review♥

November 06, 2014

Hey everyone!

There was a special offer at Queenspark, if you spent over a certain amount including an Aura product you received any two Aura lip products free of charge. I was delighted when my mom let me choose these. I had never used, let alone heard of Aura but I was happy to try it out.

  Aura: Lustrous High Shine Lip Gloss. 
The lip gloss I chose is in the colour 'Spice It Up' and it really does spice it up. It is both shiny and moisturising at once. It also contains Aloe and vitamin F.  The downside however is that it leaves your lips feeling rather dry when it wears off but I guess that's how it is with many lip glosses. The way it looks and feels when its applied pays up for that.

Aura: Mascara
 The Aura mascara is to die for! It adds so much volume and length to my eye lashes and has absolutely no clumps at all. The name ' Lash Perfection' is perfect  and I definitely see myself purchasing it in the future. And by future I mean real soon.

Aura: Moisturising Lipstick
 Last and definitely not least.  The lipstick is equally as moisturising as the lip gloss but it lasts even longer. I personally love the colour 'flirty', which is a maroonish colour. I expected it to be a bit darker but I like the way it turned out.

  Aura products are something I'll be looking out for. I'm glad I came across them. Another thing I like about them is that it's cleary marked on the packaging that no testing done on animals

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