Exam Survival Guide♥

October 21, 2014

Hello everyone!
I'm having a rather good Tuesday and I thought I'd let you know because why not. As you probably know or maybe not it was SA fashion week from 15-18 October where various A/W 15 collections were showcased. Despite the fact that I'm definitely not ready for winter or maybe that summer has barely begun I really wish that I could've been there.  

Exams are around the corner and we are definitely not the best of friends. After writing dozens of exams and making it out alive. I thought I should put together a little survival guide!  

Let's do this!
Study tips:  
1. Studying the day before is a major 'no no!'
Trust me,  I've tried it. It's on that day when you realise how much work there actually is and start panicking.  

2. Don't forget to take breaks when studying!
You need them or you'll simply fry your brain. Walk around,  do some exercises, just take a break from where you're studying. Don't make them too long though.  

3. Wear comfy clothing.
Comfy doesn't mean not cute.  

4. Get enough sleep and food!
This is very important! Make sure you get enough sleep,  there is no point staying up all night studying and barely keeping your eyes open during exam. Make sure you have water and healthy snacks close by when studying. These will keep you alert and energised.  

5. Find a place which works for you.
People are different, some like studying alone, some in groups, others with music and others not. Find something that works for you whether it's in the study, your bedroom or maybe even the bathroom?  

And finally,  the day of the exam! Make sure you have all your stationery, two of everything if you have to. Remember, you got this. You probably won't remember everything so don't panic just do you best.  

So what are you waiting for go shows those exams what you're made of!

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