Camp: Duin-in-die-Weg

September 19, 2014

Hey everyone!
I've been away from blogging for way to long now, I'm even getting withdrawal symptoms.  Well, I am back and I have much to tell you!  I just got back from my school camp and it was amazing,  the 12 hour bus ride was totally worth it.

6am Sunday morning marked the beginning of our trip to Upington. After all the naps, chats, stops and everything else in between we finally arrived at Duin-in-die-Weg. We were no longer surrounded by buildings and city lights but trees and mountains instead. After having dinner and settling in our dormitories we received our welcome gift of walking through the bushes and seeing with our ears. On Monday morning we were separated into 6 groups(alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, ECHO and foxtrot. )

We had breakfast  and soon it was time to get the ball rolling. We began with simple activities which included horse riding, building a puzzle, shooting a sling shot and a canon and riding in a donkey cart. These were followed by an obstacle course. After climbing, crawling, swinging and things of that sort we walked to the Orange River and I must say,  it was a beautiful site.

On Tuesday morning we were back on the bus but this time we were heading to the Augrabies waterfall. Despite the fact that we were walking under the scorching sun it simply amazing. On our bus ride back to the camp we stopped by a solar farm it was very cool but not so fun because we had to look at it from a distance because we were under age.

Wednesday was my favourite day. We started our day with a long, tiring hike up a  mountain. The view from up there was to die for but I believe the time we spent the was way too short.  Soon we were on our feet again on our way to the Orange River. It was time for the activity I had been waiting for, canoeing.  It was my first time and I had a blast. Although we got stuck on a couple of rocks, I can't wait to do it again. Our last night consisted of a talent show which was filled with heaps of fun and laughter.

Before I knew it,  it was Thursday morning. We packed our bags, bid our farewells and it was time to go back home. We might have said goodbye to Duin-in-die-Weg but we still have our memories and free tattoos from nature.

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