Countdown to SPRING!♡

August 04, 2014

Hello everyone ♥

With the beginning of August I know that spring is only a few weeks away. Although I will miss the endless supplies of tea and cuddling under the blankets, I am quite ready for spring and I'm already counting down.Finding the right outfit during the transition of seasons can be quite hard because its sweater weather in the morning and in the afternoon it feels as if you are at the gates of hell.

I think finding an outfit that's not too warm and pairing it up with a jacket is the best idea as you can easily take it off as the day continues. This is why I picked a biker jacket and combat boots to wear with my simple black skirt and top. This way I'll be warm in morning but as it gets hotter I just take off my jacket and continue with my day.
You can add some jewellery to your outfit and a bright coloured bag and you all set and ready to go.

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