Sweater weather

July 20, 2014

Hello everyone♥
Incase you have not realised I am not a fan of winter.  I am however a huge fan of sweaters and an even bigger fan of slogan sweaters.  

The reason I love sweaters is that you can basically wear them with almost anything from pants to shorts to skirts and they're super comfy. I think slogan sweaters are even better because they can tell you more about a certain person even if it is the slightest bit.  

Reading people's sweaters is loads of fun. As stated in an issue of Elle magazine : "You can't read people's thoughts but you can read a person by what they wear - or better yet, read what they're wearing."

Sweaters are also a great way to convey a message. If you can't say it out loud why not let your sweater do it for you? So, next time you come across someone wearing a sweater make sure you read it, it could be telling you something. If not just enjoy the read.

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