Avon: South Africa's Number One Fragrance Brand

I just found out that Avon was voted the number one fragrance brand in South Africa. I own quite a few fragrances from Avon because they smell amazing, they last up to 8 hours and my budget agrees with them. Here's a little review of the four fragrances I own.

1. Soft Musk

This is my least favourite out of the fragrances that I own. It has a very sweet and feminine scent. It's almost like it's made of flowers, rainbows and all the nicest things. I just prefer something a little stronger because I'm punk rock.

2. Aspire

This one has a very particular scent that's not for everyone. It's either you love it or you hate it. There's no in between. It also has a slightly sweet touch to it. Almost reminds me of candyfloss but not quite.
3. Little Black Dress

First of all the packaging is gorgeous. Just as gorgeous as the scent. This my current go to for everyday use and special occasions.

4. Far Away

Definitely top two and not two. It's such a lovely scent. It makes a statement without trying to hard. It's very strong yet also feminine, I don't know how they did it but wow, it's amazing.

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