Monday, 28 May 2018

We Should All Be Feminists

It’s been ages since I picked up a book to read and I’m even embarrassed to admit it but yes it’s the truth. I’m sorry. However, I have recently joined book club so I’m officially one the cool kids now.

The first book we had to read is “We Should All Be Feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Which in my opinion is the perfect book because she is the queen and I agree with everything she says.  The book is also really short it took me approximately 30 minutes to read. I have been the procrastination queen lately but I managed to read the book so you can too. However, if you are lazier than me you can listen to the TED Talk on which the book is based on. Just click on the link here and that’s it. If you’re too lazy to do that well I think you’ve probably already heard a snippet of the TED talk on Beyoncé’s song Flawless so you literally don’t have to do anything.

I actually don’t have much to say about the book because I feel like most of it should be common sense. Its 2018 guys, keep up. Women deserve equal pay, boys and girls should be raised the same, not everything women do is about men, men are trash and that’s it for today folks. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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