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25 Popular Non-Profit Organisations | Guest Post

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If you hear the term "non-profit"  you should not assume the organization makes no money. In fact,  it is quite the opposite. If you have a good cause and raise a substantial amount of awareness,  then you  can make a pretty penny from donors. One of the primary differences between a business and a non-profit is the notion that you put all the money back into the cause. This is something you would want to do anyway if you are truly passionate about the organization.

Non-profit ventures are  very popular. They may struggle initially like any other startup business, but after gaining attention they tend to take off. It is not fair to think non-profit merchandise is poorly made or the services areb subpar. In fact, here is a list of the top 25 most successful non-profit organizations jn the United States. Many of these have board mem6 or executives who are quite wealthy.

1. United Way:
This is non-profit group dedicates its efforts to helping people achieve their potential in termsof education,  income and health. It is a worldwide organization.

2. Salvation Army
Besides thrift shops and red kettle collections around Christmas time, the Salvation Army assists people with gettinf life necessities,  including food and clothing. They are also a global non-profit organization, and almost all donations are given towards the needy.

3. Feed the Children
Just as the name suggests,  this group is dedicated to helping children with food, medicine, and clothing. Once again, Feed the Children is a worldwide non-profit organization. 

4. Gifts in Kind
This non-profit organization is a unique charity. You may never have of it like some others on this list. Rather than accepting cash donations , Gift in Kind kindly takes dinations of products from businesses and distributes them where they are most needed.

5. Americares
If you are a victim of a natural disaster of any kind, including an earthquake,  flood, or storm, you may receive help from Americares. The organization brings medicine, medical supplies, and aid throughout the world after a crisis strikes. 

You may have a local YMCA in your toqn. Although nitnis a great place to go swimming and work out, the organization is the largest American non-profit in the Country. It strives to strengthen the community and help people grow thanks to education and other programs.

7. The Red Cross
The Red Cross is a well-known non-profit organization. It is one of the first groups there to help after a disaster. Although they respond to worldwide disasters, it is the most significant disaster relief organization in the United States. 

8. Catholic Charities USA
Believe it or not, this group aims to reduce poverty throughout the United States. It is their primary focus. 

9. Feeding America
The exclusive focus of Feeding America is to end hunger in the United States.  it was formerly known as America's Second Harvest.

10. Mayo Foundation
Have you ever heard ofnthe Mayo Clinic?  well, the Mayo Foundation is the United States' largest non-profit organization dedicated to medical research.

11. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Much like the Mayo Foundation,  the Cleveland Clinic Foundation is an academic medical center that specializes jn medical research. 

12. Goodwill Industries
Goodwill Industries is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people across the country. If you have a difficult time making a living Goodwill Industries will give you a chance. They hire people with disabilities so they can earn an income.

13. New York Presbyterian Hospital
This one of America's most respected non-profit medical organizations. Contrary to belief, it is a very successful non-profit group. 

14. The ARC of the United States
ARC is devoted to assisting people with developmental disabilities. 

15. Mt. Sinai 
This is an example of anoth non-profit hospital that is extremely successful with its endeavours. 

16. Memorial Sloan Kettering
Specializing in cancer treatment,  Memorial Sloan Kettering is a global non-profit organization. 

17. Cedara Sinai
Located in California , Cedars Sinai is a reputable non-profit hospital. 

18. Henry Ford Health System
Local to Michigan, Henry Ford Health System is a non-profit organization has hospitals and health systems across the state. 

19. Boys and Girls Clubs of America:
This is one of the most successful non-profit organizations within the United States.  the Boys and Girls Clubs of America work with at-risk youth.

20. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
This non-profit children's hospital is one of the most successful ones in United States. 

21. Shriner's Hospital for Children
Another exceptional non-profit hospital,  Shriner's Hospital for Children is dedicated to providing specialty pediatric carr and research. 

22. American Cancer Society
As the name hints, this non-profit is one of the most established organizations in the United States. It spends its money to fund cancer research and education programs.

23. Habitat for Humanity
This unique cause helps build homes for people who otherwise could not afford them. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit that helps families obtain low or no interest mortgages. 

24. Children's Hospital
Located in Boston,  Children's Hospital is a non-profit hospital and research organization that focuses on pediatric illnesses. 

25. Planned Parenthood
Although controversial,  Planned Parenthood is dedicated to helping people learn about sexual health. The non-profit organization is a leading aid to educating people about sexual decisions.

Although you may not agree with all of the causes on this list, these non-profit organizatioms are designed to help people and communities around the world. Because they are run like a business,  they have found success. However,  the causes are what keep these organizations running strong. If you are searching for an organization to donate to, perhaps one of these organizations is perfect for you. Be sure to research how much of your donation goes to the needy, and how much goes to the administrators. Some have CEOs who take large salaries. 

Do you have a cause for which you want to raise awareness? You can start your own non-profit organization. After you secure the legal details,  start promoting your organization with custom t-shirts and fundraisers.

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