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Guest Post : Men's Beauty and Style Trends For 2016

I am a huge fan of fashion. I like to see what's hot and keep up with the trends but I realised that I rarely keep up with what's happening on the men's side of fashion. I thought it would be cool to look at some men's fashion and beauty trends for this year. Thanks to Peter, a fashion and beauty editor at HighStyleLife magazine and a freelance writer,  for writing this post.

When it comes to menswear for 2016, one thing is certain – there are so many trends that will rock your world! Starting with the pieces that will keep you warm, over the bold patterns and sleek hair styles, to statement items and shoes you will absolutely adore – there is definitely something for everyone. If you are intrigued, just keep reading. Here are five men’s beauty and style trends for this year.

1. Shawl Neck Cardigans
The first item on this list is highly-required for the colder months simply because it is warm enough, plus the fact that is super trendy this season. It is shawl neck cardigan, which is an absolute must when it comes to classy winter dressing. These can be worn in any combo you can possibly imagine. Spice up your casual combination by adding a touch of class – even a regular T-shirt will look much more glamorous under it. Many street style looks feature it on the top of turtlenecks or other knit styles, which just proves how useful they are during winter.

2. Slicked Hair
Slicked hair has been the real thing back in the 50s, and it has been revived nowadays thanks to fashion houses such as Lanvin and Louis Vuitton. Pay tribute to this fabulous decade by achieving the sleek look – a good hair gel or a mousse will do the trick, by adding shine for an impeccably smooth finish. Comb through hair lightly in order to add a bit of texture, and you are good to go!

3. Tartan
High street fashion is bursting with tartan print, which is prominently present on bold suits. Even though many men try to stay faithful to traditional colours incorporated into this print, the truth is that brighter versions of tartan are becoming a massive hit. Red, emerald green, and mustard are just some of the alternatives. Such a suit will look truly flawless when complemented with unique & handmade leather goods, which add a necessary dose of sophistication to every urban man’s look. This combination is indeed top-notch.

4. Statement Jackets
Over-the-top graphic prints and statement phrases are very popular today in the fashion industry, and these are certainly gaining momentum when it comes to menswear. Statement jackets don’t stand out just because of their colour – but because of their sublime textures and prints that make them really bold. If this is too much for you, bomber jackets are also in the game. They can be layered over your favourite sweater or tee for an urban look. On the other hand, these will please the lovers of sporty aesthetics, too. Such a versatile item is definitely a must this year!

5. Slip-On Shoes
Is there a better way to pull of casual, yet sophisticated trendy look than spicing up your combo with a pair of splendid slippers? We don’t think so! There are so many options which offer fantastic styles and shapes for every urban man, so choose the one you like best and put a twist on your outfit. If your cup of tea is classic, elegant look – match slippers in traditional shades such as nudes with a trench inspired with timeless Burberry Prorsum. If, on the other hand, you love a splash of colour in your day-to-day look, opt for a vivid pair a la Moschino. Just have in mind that your trousers are well-tailored, in order to maintain the balance of the whole outfit.

It is well-known that the fashion industry constantly changes and brings up new trends, which is great for all the fashionistas out there who can’t wait to keep up with them. If you are one of those – just go for it! This year’s trends are definitely groundbreaking, so don’t be afraid to enjoy the game.

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  1. I wish there would be more man's who would dress like this. Plus I think man buns still are hot haha

    Annie xx