Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Chocker Guide♡

I'm quite happy that chockers are one of the trends that found their way back. I was probably still in diapers when they were first on trend and it would have been such a pity to have missed such a wonderful thing.

I first saw them gaining popularity sometime last year and my curiosity grew. I started asking myself what the hype was about. It was not too long before I joined the club with a tattoo chocker after wanting one and my mom however, was not too much of a fan of but we have moved passed that. Tattoo chockers are wonderful and can add so much to an outfit. I like to wear it when I'm layering my necklaces as it adds a great effect because it's not hanging. 

Quickly after getting a tattoo chocker I purchased a lovely daisy one from Lovisa. It fantastic and creates such a wonderful look when paired with a tattoo chocker but also works so well alone. I have been wearing it quite often especially when wearing a low neck top or a spaghetti strap top it really does transform an entire look.

A new addition to my mini collection is this lovely chocker from Mr Price. It's unlike the ones I already own and has quite a bohemian feel to it. The turquoise stone is a beauty and has been to made to look like it's cracked which gives it an antique look. The chocker also has exquisite detail around the stone, a piece of art it is. I was afraid that it would be quite loose around my neck but it was a perfect fit and is also adjustable. I think this one is fantastic when you want to dress up and adds a pop of colour to an all black outfit!  

Are you a fan of chockers?

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