Sunday, 20 December 2015

Perfect Accessories For Any Christmas Celebration♡

Christmas is just a few days away and for many people it means a Chrismas party as well. It's always fun to dress up and get into the spirit of Christmas.  I have found a few accessories that will definitely add a touch of Christmas to any outfit! 

Hair accessories:
Hair accessories are always a fun way to make an outfit more Christmassy. You can find a wide variety of different hairbands from reindeer antlers, which are my favourite, to mini Christmas hats. There are also many other types of hair accessories such as beanies which are fantastic for those who celebrate Christmas in winter and you can also find some wonderful hair pins. It's really up to you to choose and it's hard not to find one that matches your style! 

I have been seeing a lot of Christmas themed charm bracelets lately and I'm loving them as you can add some fun charms or for ones with sentimental value. If however, charm bracelets are too busy for your taste there are lots more to choose from like this wonderful candy cane bracelet and if that is still too much you can can go for the minimalistic design. It is a simple silver bracelet engraved with the words ' Merry Christmas', it is a delicate beauty.

I'm happy to see pins gain popularity as they are a lovely way to add a subtle touch of Christmas to your outfit. They work very well with a formal outfit as they bring in the Christmas spirit without taking over. 

Nothing says Christmas like a pair of Christmas earrings. There are countless Christmassy earrings to choose from. Presents, Christmas trees, snowmen, candy canes and the list continues and I think they are the simplest way to jazz up your outfit. 

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  1. Great post! I love christmas antlers and things!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x