Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Christmas Wishlist ♡

This year has been a crazy one indeed with lots of ups and downs, twists and turns and everything else in between. I hope you all enjoy the last month of the 2015. Make lots of memories and just have fun. 

What better way to start off a new month than with a wishlist? As I would like to think of it, it is the ultimate wishlist of the year. When you get to drop hints and hopefully somebody will pick them up.  

I have noticed that despite owning tons of notebooks and journals I do not have a single diary. I am in desperate need of one, 2016 is the year to put my ducks in a row and what better way to do it than with this lovely glitter diary?

I am quite a fan of fringe at the moment. It is fun and playful with a bohemian feel to it. I love the subtle grey colour and the suede texture, they complement one another beautifully. Suede is not something that I usually go for but this one just works for me. 

Suede and fringe yet again, wow Tshegofatso I can sense the diversity. This bag really caught my eye. It is unique and I think it will work very well with night time wear.

I find any art created with watercolour paint quite intriguing. I have been trying it out on my own and my love for it has since grown. Now, imagine the amount of joy I felt when I discovered these. I find them interesting and it would be awesome to experiment with them. 

Shorts and and patterns are things that I adore, it's only natural that I fell in love will this particular pair. The detail and three zippers are exquisite, I hope these find their way under the Christmas tree.

You can never go wrong with a pair of these. They can be worn with various different outfits which make them a staple. 

This is a step on the wild side for me. I am one who always go for the dark lenses (can't see the haters) but these are absolutely gorgeous. How could one resist?

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

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