Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Interior Inspiration♡

I think the main reason, actually the only reason I want to move out are beautifully decorated homes. Especially around this time of the year, when you are greeted by Christmassy interiors all over Tumblr, Pinterest and We Heart it. My inner interior designer is dying to escape but as there is still quite some time until I move into my own place all I can do is absorb inspiration from elsewhere. 

I love a minimalistic design, I don't think I'll ever be able to keep such a fresh and clean looking home but I do admit that it is beautiful. I think the secret in this design style are crisp white pieces and when it's time for for the Christmas decorations you need to ditch the traditional green tree and opt for something a little more subtle like gold or white. 

When you look up the word rustic you will come across words like rural, plain, simple country-like. Its about keeping things natural and simple. When going for for this type of decor, earthy hues are the colours to go for. Natural pieces, such as pine cones and tree branches, work as wonderful pieces of decoration if you are going for a rustic interior. Adding some gold spray paint and fairy lights never fail to add a Christmas touch!

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