Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Decor For A Small Space♡

Decorating for Christmas is always fun but when you have limited space such as a small apartment or just your bedroom it can prove to be quite a challenge. The secret is using small decorations but believe me, they make quite a big difference. They can transform the ambiance and turn your space into a holiday wonderland!

These are such a wonderful way to add a festive touch to your home. They are easy to put up and easy to put away. I also found a super easy DIY to make your own glitter Christmas tree similar to these which you can find here.

You can never go wrong with fairy lights. They never fail to add a touch of Christmas to a certain space and remember that you can keep them up for the entire year because that is so Tumblr.

If you are looking for a way to jazz up your workspace without taking up too much space, this little reindeer will do the trick.  

I am a big fan of these. They always work well as a DIY project and you can always add your own spin on it. Put fairy lights around it to see how it comes to life. 

This is such a lovely decoration for Christmas and I don't think it can get any easier. Just throw on your bed or on a couch and that's about it. You can always go for green and red pillow cases instead, if you're looking to save some money but still give your house a little update for the holiday season. 

Nothing says 'Christmas' quite like some beautifully wrapped gifts which is why they work very well as a decoration. I have not seen many of these used as a decoration but the glitter and lights give it an exquisite finish.

Whenever I think of Christmas, snow always comes to mind despite the fact that we always experience a warm, sunny Christmas here in South Africa. I guess I have to blame all the Christmas movies. A snow globe adds a subtle touch of Christmas to your home and this one specifically will be fantastic if you are going for a clean and fresh look. 

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  1. Wonderful decor ideas for a small space. I have Christmas pillows on my small couch and they make all the difference. :)