Wednesday, 7 October 2015

October Wishlist ♡

I'm loving the selection of jeans available at The Ragged Priest at the moment. I love the quirkiness to them. I'm still not over ripped jeans and mom jeans and that means that these jeans earned the number one spot on my October wishlist.

My go to accessory for the past few months has been my chocker. I think getting a new one wouldn't hurt. I love the simplistic beauty they possess. I picked this specific one for my wishlist because I love how the smiley face makes it look fun and playful. 

As mentioned in my previous post I am turning into quite the sunglass junkie. What stood out with theses sunnies is the frame. It is minimalistic yet it still makes a statement. I love the colour of the halter top. Burgundy is such a beautiful colour and I think this top can be styled well with various outfits. 

Chunky heels are big this season and I have just got to get my hands on a pair. I like how these are booties which make them more of my style. I admit that I am a backpack addict. I love the simplistic design and I can already I owning one. 


  1. I'm still loving ripped jeans too, such an autumnal staple!

  2. I love those style jeans aswell they're so comfy!

    1. Comfy yet stylish is always the winning combination!