Thursday, 22 October 2015

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Room Look Tumblr♡

Everyone wants a Tumblr room, even if you don't one a little piece inside of you does. Who doesn't want a beautifully decorated room where every piece of decoration works together to form a beautiful picture?

 Seeing that I am Tumblr famous I couldn't think of a better person than myself to share these 5 easy tips on making your room Tumblr. Well, I'm almost Tumblr famous....okay one of my pictures got more than 200 notes and that makes me feel pretty special. Feel free to drop by on my Tumblr! 

 A pot plant
 Whether artificial or that is up to you. They add a pop of colour and create a beautiful contrast when placed next to a crisp white wall. Hipster, minimal, bohemian, modern, whatever style you may be aiming for pot plants will definitely help you achieve it. 

P.s They are extremely photogenic.

 I love magazines, I have been collecting them for as long as I remember. From Barbie to National Geographic and just about everything in between. Now I can't go a month without a copy of Elle. Started from the bottom now I am here. With a stack of magazines, I am faced with a new dilemma, where do I keep them? The answer is pretty simple. On a table or on the floor, easy to grab and a beautiful decoration. 

 I don't have as many candles as I would like but I will work with what I have. Candles don't just serve as a form of decoration but can transform one's room into a haven. They are available at a wide range variety of prices but whatever it may cost I promise it's worth every scent and will definitely take your Tumblr game to the next level. 

Fairy lights
What would a tumblr room be without some fairy lights. If you want 'Tumblrise' (sometimes you just need to invent your own words) these will definitely get you started. Just string them around over some polaroids, hang them on your, just get creative. 

A messy bed
Yes, you read that right and I don't think many parents will agree with this one but Tumblr holds the most beautiful messy beds. Pieces of art I tell you, crisp white sheets, thick duvets, perfect crinkles in the right places. Sounds amazing amazing, right?


  1. Love this post. I could spend all day on Tumblr. I'm looking to redo my room so I'll keep these ideas in mind :)

    - Courtney

    1. Tumblr is amazing, time spent on Tumblr is not time wasted.

  2. I have millions of candles dotted around the place!

    lovely post,

  3. I want this room!! I have the scented candles and messy bed, just working on the Polaroids and potted succulents ;)