Sunday, 23 August 2015

Trendsation #8♡

It seems as though old trends are finding their way back. I am definitely not complaining because when all of these were trending was either not born yet or I was more into diapers and onsies. Something I have been seeing all over recently is the front button skirt. It's lovely for adding denim to your outfit without going for the usual items

Flower Child
When summer comes along so do the hipster vibes. Everything is just fabulous. The days are longer, the weather is great, the flowers are blooming, just a whole bunch of wonderful things are happening. However, on some days the weather is not entirely on our side and you end up feeling like a snowman in the jungle (Olaf excluded). Flowy tops are not only look good, they serve a purpose. When you find yourself in sweltering weather, you don't want your clothes sticking on your body. It's good to find some some flowy items to let some air through. 

Flower crowns are perfect for adding a touch of colour. They are the must-have item for festivals or any other day because it's summer (almost) and rules don't matter, well some rules. Jelly shoes are my favourite, they are comfortable and match just about everything in my closet, which makes them the right piece to finish off the outfit. 

Skirt | Top | Socks | Shoes

Pretty in pink
Pastels are totally in right now. I incorporated the trend with this faux fur top from Ragged Priest. The top adds a popular trend in a way that is unique. The pastel shade is on the feminine side, tge frilly add on to the look. 

I feel that the pastel top and the skirt go together. The whole outfit seems like something you would see in a 90s movie. Doctor Martins tone down the other pieces a bit, not that the they need any of that. The shoes are just simple because this outfit already has its statement pieces. With this complete look, it will be hard not to feel pretty in pink.

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