Thursday, 2 July 2015

Trendsation#7: The Turtleneck♡

Turtlenecks, polo necks, bottlenecks. Call them what you want, all I remember is that I used to despise these a few years back. Now I've come to realise what great beauty they are and a great source of warmth too. This week on Trendsation I'll be giving you some tips on how to style them and maybe you might fall in love with them too. You can find warm and stylish turtlenecks at Factorie and Topshop. 

Outfit 1 :
The first outfit is perfect for a day at the cinema (or wherever). It is quite simple just a turtleneck, high waisted jeans and ankle boots. High waisted pieces are great if want to wear a cropped top but don't want to show some skin. So thisturtleneck can be replaced with a cropped one. If it gets chillier throw on a coat and you're good to go. 

Outfit 2 :
If you want to add a statement to your outfit, a patterned skirt is the way to go. If you usually stay away from patterns this is an awesome way to experiment as everything else black. Forget thigh high socks, thigh high boots are the way to go. These are every fashion blogger's best friend. You can pair it with almost anything which of course makes it a must-have. And the floppy hat? That needs no explanation, it just completes the outfit. 
(P.s don't forget thigh high socks because they are pretty awesome. )


  1. I never knew people called them bottlenecks, I like it. Bottlenecks and turtlenecks are what I'll switch between calling them from now on. The other day i wore a black turtle neck with my patterned trousers and some high boot things and I felt so fierce, it was great :) x

    1. That sounds like an awesome outfit, I don't own a pair of thigh high boots but hopefully that will change soon.