Monday, 8 June 2015

DIY Tumblr inspired triangle banner♡

I spend alot of time on Tumblr sometimes I think it is a bit too much. My time spent on Tumblr however, isn't wasted. I come across hundreds of pictures some I find inspiring others hilarious and the rest fall in a category somewhere in between.  

I recently I came across a picture which was so beautiful I just had to try recreating it . The light bulb screamed summer vibes at me. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the bulbs after I painted them so I thought I would turn them into a room decoration. After a bit of thinking I had a light bulb moment. 

I turned them into a a triangle banner to hang on my wall. Whether you are in the early stages of summer or if it is waving you goodbye this is a wonderful DIY to try because everyone needs a little summer vibes no matter what the weather says. This is also a great DIY to try if you have burnt out light bulbs lying around. Remember the three R's reduce, reuse and recycle. 

What you'll need :
Light bulbs
Acrylic paint
Coloured card board

How it's made:
 1. I cut my colored cardboard into four triangles. If you really want to be Tumblr use Polaroids instead of triangles. 
 2. I decided to take things outside in case it got a little messy. I painted yellow polka dots followed by the white petals on the light bulbs. 
 3. I attached the light bulbs and the triangles to a string of wool.
 4. I hung my triangle banner on the wall and viola my Tumblr game went one up.

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