Friday, 29 May 2015

Trendsation #6

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but believe me,  it's time to ditch those apples because this is a doctor you don't want to stay away from. This week on Trendsation we'll be styling Dr. Martens.

Outfit 1 :
The top and the shoes, a-ma-zing! I need a moment. *moment* This outfit is perfect. When I discovered the shoes I fell in love, I have never seen anything as wonderful as these. This were invented for us mermaids that walk on the Earth. 

Outfit 2 :
Skorts, crop tops and Dr Martens now that's the real deal. I styled the outfit with Cherry coloured Dr Martens because black seems to simple and we need a little pop of colour. 

Outfit 3 :
I thought it was about time we got in touch with our inner Wednesday Addams. Why wait for Halloween? A cute dress, cute shoes and high knee socks? I'lI wear this on any day.

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