Saturday, 4 April 2015

My Topshop Wishlist ♡

 I've said it once,  I've said it twice and I don't mind saying it a hundred more times, Topshop jeans stay winning. They always seem to find a spot in my wishlists, now it's time for them to find a spot in my closet. With such a wide variety of jeans to choose from it's easy to find one to match your style.

 I think I've made up my mind, the only way I want to carry my belongings is with a tote bag or a backpack. With that said, why not make it stylish and unique with this metallic backpack?  

 Two backpacks in one wishlist? I really couldn't choose one. This backpack seems ideal for a day out exploring as it has enough space for all my necessities.  

Dresses and I have always gotten along but I feel as though this dress and I will be best of friends. I don't care if winter is fast approaching.  I can always layer it up, a sweater underneath and a coat above. 

I already have a metallic purse but again, one can never have enough. 

 I have a thing for glitter and I have a thing for socks. Now put those two together and you have wearable perfection.   

 These are absolutely gorgeous and would be awesome to wear with the glitter socks. A match made in heaven.  

I only found out today that Topshop has a petite  section. It immediately warmed my heart because believe me as a sixteen year old whose been told a couple of times that I look eleven it's not easy finding clothes that fit. Funnel tops are a must have this season and are great for pairing with high waisted pieces.

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  1. I love the pini dress. You would look awesome in that!
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