Sunday, 22 February 2015

Trendsation #5

Hey everyone!  

As you probably noticed,  today is another Trensation post. I'll be styling a skater skirt from Mr Price which you can find here. In case you didn't know skater skirts are the tickets to being a hipster.

  Outfit 1:

No matter how much I try to deny it winter is coming along and we've got to keep warm. What better way to keep warm than with a knit sweater. An oversized knit sweater that is. Almost like a portable hug, don't you think?  Makes me almost look forward to the chilliness of winter (not really) but almost. 

Outfit 2:

 "A halter top in winter,  are you mad?" 
"But if you add an oversized denim jacket it fixes your problem. Come on it's not rocket science. "  (Warning: This outfit should only be worn in the early stages of winter.)
When you add combat boots and  knee high socks you will truly be prepared. 
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