Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Trendsation #4: Mom Jeans

Hey everyone!

I haven't done a 'Trendsation' post in forever! I really enjoy doing these and I think I'll start doing them on a weekly basis. I also uploaded a new YouTube video and it would be awesome if you checked it out!

   I know Valentine's Day is around the corner but boyfriend jeans have to step aside a bit. Mom jeans are back and it looks like they are here to stay. Big in the 90s and back '15. Let's do this! The jeans I'll be styling today are the MOTO vintage mom jeans from Topshop which you can find HERE.

Outfit 1:

 While both outfits have a grunge feel I think this outfit is more suitable for a coffee date on a colder day. I decided to go with the cherry red Doc Martens instead of the usual black because it adds a bit of colour. The alien crop top is so adorable and can be found HERE. And the the jacket *heart eyes emoji.*

Outfit 2:

Jelly shoes?  You're probably not surprised. I think I like this outfit more (no not just because of the shoes.......okay maybe a little.) The halter top as well as the tote bag can be found at Factorie. I think this outfit is great for a summer's day walk or a day at the mall.